Hi! Thanks for checking out my website!

Hey it's me, Angela!
Straight away entertaining and collaborating and celebrating with others, is truly
the reason I'm motivated and have passion to pursue a career in music & arts! Progress from the inside out! 

Taking my time and feeding my soul is first! I have tons of energy and lots of projects on the go!
Stoked about my next album; working with Jim Casson has been a wonderful music journey.
The album should be finished this Fall 2014; but I repeat, I'm the one taking my time. I always rushed my past albums and I'm not doing that this time. 
Writing more tunes lately and mesmerized with life & enjoying the Summer Sun and meditating on what's good! 
This new approach has become a mandatory daily to keep me inspired and refreshed. 

Setting up some cool shows takes up a good part of my day and it's exciting, challenging and
just what I love as it keeps the left side of my brain at work!  I'm blessed these day to be working with the kindest promoters and some of the most amazing musicians all Summer long! I will move into Fall to be uplifted as I'm/we are heading to Nashville for the second time this year.
This time to perform a few shows and setting up an event with my friend Jeff Brown. We've invited some of our Canadian friends to join this event and so far it looks like we might need a bus!!! Details will always be posted when finalized! 

November 29th- LOCALS Only Variety Showcase & Fish Fry coming to the Niagara Region! 
Our first show takes place at the Welland Wellness Complex and will incorporate the Atrium overlooking the canal.
It will have a LOCALS only music line up. The show will cover a variety of music, original and traditional classics; performed by local only artists. 
Thanks to Kay Annable my show director! When we get to discussing it's endless smiles, working towards the same goal with the same sentiment. Synergy! 
Together we are motivated to generate employment & camaraderie for the Niagara region for years to come! 

My music journey is not about fame; it's about doing what makes me happy so that I can then share that energy of love where it's needed and wanted. 
I've seen it and recognized it and I'm attracted to anything that has genuine love for the cure for a nagging ail or raise a frown! I think this is how I'll be, this is how I'll remain. I am always receiving enough and enough is enough for me! My expressive nature may suffer from what sounds extra-ordinary or un-familiar conversation as I'm not formal or literary but I'm afraid to most I'm often too deep and misunderstood. I really hate drama.
I like her now, the deep part of me, she and I get along and I remember her, she craves only what's good! 

I'm going to be heading into my mid forties soon and being invested heavily into music my whole life I have to say that music has nearly killed me and then revived me to save me again. I just know it's always good to be good and kind. Show bravery and be a good example because life is hard; don't try to make it harder like "YOU WOULD", be kind with your words! There is room for everyone! 

Angela :-) xoxo
Angela Siracusa 
Entertainer, Singer/Songwriter, Nashville recording artist, Vocal Coach